Talent to support your reforms

Making and sustaining change in child welfare is never easy. Foster America can help supply the talent and skills your agency needs to accelerate reform.

Foster America’s fellowship program recruits extraordinary professionals from a variety of sectors. Their distinct and hard-to-attract talents are then deployed on year-long projects, which are requested by reform-minded child welfare nonprofit and government agencies. We send our fellows to the places and projects where they have opportunities to influence results for vulnerable children and their families. They work on problems that represent the field's greatest challenges, shared by agencies around the nation - the problems where change matters most.  The details of the project and position are specified by the host agency based on their local needs, and host agencies participate in the selection process to ensure the fellow is a great fit.


Foster America is committed to evaluating, documenting and sharing results developed through our work as a way to extend our impact and reach a greater number of children and families. In sharing our innovations, we also highlight the inspiring leadership of our government and nonprofit partners. Joining the Foster America movement as a host agency is not only a way to tap into new talent and develop a future leader for the field, it is also an opportunity to be part of creating and spreading innovation.