Sample Projects

We place our fellows in jurisdictions with leaders who empower them to innovate. Solutions that scale are our focus. Fellows' projects address national challenges so that successful innovations can be replicated elsewhere.

The following projects are examples of how fellows may use their skills to address complex challenges within the child welfare system. Exact projects will vary. Candidates will have the opportunity to apply to specific projects and locations as they advance in the selection process.

Keeping Children Safe at Home.  Fellows prevent abuse and neglect using their technology, data, and analytic skills to build data systems that help agencies predict which children are most likely to be abused, target prevention services to those children, and engage in performance-based contracting with prevention service providers.


Placing Children with Loving Families. Fellows alleviate foster home shortages using their marketing skills and customer service backgrounds to develop systems to attract, support, and retain more high-quality foster and kinship families.

Consistency of Caseworkers. Fellows enhance workforce quality and reduce turnover by leveraging skills in organizational leadership and business process change to improve hiring, management, retention, and promotion to increase quality casework.


Supporting the Whole Child. Fellows collaborate across systems using expertise in education, public health, and data analysis work to improve communication, share data, and collaborate across system silos.