ILLUSTRATIVE fellow profiles

Already, the Foster America fellows are making a demonstrable impact on the ground. Examples of recent fellowship accomplishments include:

Adam Williams photo

Adam Williams

In Rhode Island, a chronic shortage of foster families has meant that children are living in institutional settings that are both costly and traumatic.

Fellow Adam Williams has leveraged his MBA and background in marketing and journalism to help. We taught Adam skills from from human-centered design, which prompted him to interview over 400 foster families to understand their greatest challenges

Based on the interview findings, Adam launched a targeted campaign that recruited and licensed 25% more foster parents in a single year.

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Leila C. Pree

Foster America Fellow Leila Pree is helping the Administration for Children’s Services in New York City use data to identify which families are at greatest risk of abuse and neglect in order to prioritize them for preventive services. She prototyped a statistical model to predict which children are at the highest risk of staying in foster care for long periods and aging out of the system without a family, so that the agency can intervene earlier to help these kids get adopted or reunite with their families.

The Alliance for Racial Equity in Child Welfare is using her work to inform their development of national guidelines for how to account for race equity in predictive analytic models.

Elizabeth Wyner photo

Elizabeth Wyner

In her first year of service at the Administration for Children’s Services, Elizabeth Wyner reduced from 500 to under 20 the number of at-risk families in NYC who were on a waiting list for services to prevent recurring child abuse or neglect.

Her background in  strategy and public health continues to prove valuable at the agency. Elizabeth was recently promoted to a new leadership role at ACS, leading a team of six that is focused on prevention efforts.