Is Foster America right for your organization?

Eligible Organizations

  • State and local child welfare agencies
  • Child welfare nonprofits that contract with child welfare agencies
  • A coalition of child welfare agencies and other agencies that impact child welfare, such as education and health agencies 

Selection Criteria

Reform-minded leadership. The organization’s top leaders seek positive change.

Scalable solutions. The project addresses a challenge that is a problem not only locally but also across the country so that any solution can be scaled nationally.

Supportive conditions. The organization commits to putting reporting structures and other conditions in place to enable fellows to succeed.

Hiring and funding commitment. The organization is prepared to provide benefits and a portion of the fellow's salary.

Benefits to Agencies

Access talent. Fellows offer distinct skill sets to support leadership, innovation, reform, analytics, and change. They enhance the capacity of their host organization, with Foster America taking responsibility for the lion's share of recruitment, screening, selection, and pre-service training.

Grow the field. Influence emerging talent as they enter the child welfare sector.

Join an influential network. Host agencies will be invited to regular Foster America trainings and convening, where they collaborate not only with our fellows, but with other reform-minded agencies, leaders, and luminaries of child welfare.