Adam Williams

Adam Williams is working with the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families to improve the recruitment, development, and support of foster families and relative caregivers. Adam brings expertise he developed in academia, recruiting participants to research studies, as well as media and marketing skills he acquired as a journalist and while completing his MBA.



  • Family Placements, Foster Care

Skill sets:

  • Recruitment
  • Journalism/media
  • Management and business processes

Host Agency:

  • Rhode Island DCYF

As a Foster America Fellow, Adam works with the Department of Children Youth and Families in Providence, Rhode Island, where he utilizes his diverse set of skills to rethink the strategies, channels and tactics used to recruit foster parents. Adam is creating a steady, sustainable, well-supported cadre of foster parents, adoptive parents, and relative caregivers. Adam also supports DCYF's education team, creating partnerships and programming that will improve school continuity for children as they navigate the foster care system.

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Adam was compelled at an early age to build a career fighting for social justice and eliminating racial disparities. To pursue these goals, Adam attended Northwestern University and studied communications and journalism. Adam served as the editor-in-chief of the university's newspaper.

Adam went on to work in research at Northwestern University, exploring innovative programs in the public housing, adolescent literacy and healthcare delivery. These projects focused on supporting vulnerable populations; during this time Adam developed deep expertise in recruiting and marketing programs in such communities. Adam realized that best practices and innovations were too often academic exercises and rarely resulted in long-term change. This realization led Adam to pursue an MBA with a focus in public and nonprofit management.

In 2013, Adam served as an Education Pioneers fellow in the Boston area, where he helped urban school districts launch The Five District Partnership, which aims to address needs of highly mobile students.

When he is not fighting for vulnerable populations, Adam enjoys playing tennis. Adam is thrilled about living in Rhode Island, home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.